CasuSoft is an innovative legal project management software. It improves the efficiency of monitoring the activities of each member as well as the whole team in the law firm. It enhances the work organization and the quality of customer service. Thanks to storing information and a number of functions in one place, attorney software optimizes all processes connected with provided legal services. Increase the efficiency of your team

Within the law firm document management software all information is available online, forming a database, which can be easily browsed. Constant backups prevent loss of information, while implementation of adequate protocols prevents access of unauthorized persons to the database. Access to the information can be granted to the customers along with the case number assigned to them. Guarantee safety of customer data

Legal case management software can be personalized from the point of view of individual preferences and projects. This unique law firm program is characterized by modular structure. It gives a possibility to configure the functions freely. The attorney system can be enriched with new solutions and modules according to current needs. Our novel solution can cooperate with other IT systems as well. Adjust the program to your needs

Legal case management system is dedicated to be used on desktop computers as well as mobile devices. Each authorized employee has a possibility to use the program’s functions whenever they need, also outside of the law firm’s office. The system simplifies delegating tasks to employees and ensures constant access to crucial project documentation. Urgent matters can be solved at any time! Use whenever you want and however you like

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